Sunday, December 03, 2006

Simple karate

It is a common practice, especially in business, to summarize everything and evaluate it based on the "bottom line." So what is karate's "bottom line" so to speak? Karate in any form that it is studied should be used to make life better. If it is being used by soldiers in a battle or by the elderly for exercise, karate should be used to influence our lives for the better. Karate and its practice become simple when viewed in this light.

Take this practice into your life as you pursue the martial arts by asking yourself every so often "Am I happy?" and "Does karate help me in my goal of being happy?" If the answer is no, then you should try to find out why not. Are you in a school that doesn't follow principles that you believe in? Is your learning environment too strained? Have you given your school a proper chance by putting forth the effort and concentration necessary? Are you having problems in your life that are distracting you?
Consider seriously the consequences of beginning or ending your practice. I know from personal experience that the martial arts can be very rewarding and also that given the wrong circumstances, a person may not be able to devote themselves the way they could.
Karate is simple, it's supposed to make life better.


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